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Sipral’s recipe for making the typical Lombardy Christmas sweet.

Difficulty level



  • 1000g Panettone artigianale

  • 450g Water or milk

  • 200g Butter

  • 100g Egg yolks cat.A

  • 1g Yeast


  • 1751g Pre dough

  • 300g Flour (340/360 W)

  • 300g Sugar

  • 30g Honey

  • Aromas

  • 150g Egg Yolks

  • 200g Butter

  • 700g Fruit and/or candied fruit


Pre-dough processing procedure: Knead all ingredients except butter until smooth and dry. Then incorporate soft butter and knead until dough is elastic (dough temp 28°C). Let rise in cell at 27/30°C for about 10 to 12 hours for NATURAL LEVITATION and about 2 hours for DAIRY LEVITATION, until the dough has risen fivefold; it is recommended to carry out the LEVITATION TEST by placing 300g of dough in a 1-liter jug; use the dough only when the leavened product comes out of the jug.

Dough processing procedure: Knead pre-dough and flour until well formed; in sequence add the other ingredients in the order given in the recipe. Final temperature 29/30 °C. Allow to proof for 45 to 60 minutes in cell at 30°C. Break up, turn twice, place in ramekins. Let rise in cell at 27/30°C with 70/80% R.H. for about 5 hours for NATURAL LEVITATION and 3 hours for DAIRY LEVITATION.

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