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Focaccia in teglia

Focaccia in teglia


One of the tastiest products in the Italian tradition.

Difficulty level


  • 3000g Pizza più

  • 1,56l Water

  • 150g Olive oil (dough)

  • 100g Olive oil (surface)

  • 60g Salt

  • 200g Salamoia (1l water + 60g salt)


Dough procedure:

For the focaccia dough, add Pizza Più, water, salt and olive oil to the mixer.

Knead until we obtain a smooth and dry dough and proceed with a mass rest of 20 minutes.

After resting we divide into 1.1 kg pieces for focaccias on a low-sided pan. We delicately wrap the dough and place them in the cell to rise for 60 minutes.

Then the dough is ready to be flattened and rolled out in a pan by hand or in a sheeter. By hand we help ourselves with some flour and begin to crush the edges and then the central part. We can then put our dough in a lightly oiled pan on the bottom. Then we proceed with a one-hour leavening in the leavening cell.

We are ready for the final draft, then we leave to rise for about 60 minutes. Once the last rest is over, the focaccias are ready for piercing: before proceeding we will give a light flouring, then we pierce the surface of the focaccia with our fingertips. Then we move on to seasoning the focaccia with salamoia and olive oil on the surface. We put focaccias in the cell again for a further rest of about 30 minutes, after that in oven at 230° with initial steam until the product is golden, about 15-14 minutes.

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