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Pane Hamburger alla barbabietola

Pane Hamburger alla barbabietola


For tasty and flavorful burgers, discover our tutorial with Betispan: the breadmaking mix from the Panefibre line enriched with beet.

Difficulty level


  • 2000g Betispan Panefibre

  • 900g Water

  • 60g Yeast

  • 80g Sugar

  • 36g Salt

  • 120g Sunflower oil


Pre-dough process:

For the hamburger dough we add in the Betispan mixer, water, yeast, salt, sugar and sunflower oil. When the dough looks smooth and well formed we can put it to rest in the kneader for 5 minutes.

Next we are ready to cut our dough and to divide it into pieces of 80g each, give it a light pre-shape, proceed with the last shaping and put the dough in strength again. We lightly crush the surface, flip and dip one side in water and then in sesame. We integrate on Teflon-coated baking sheet and leave to rise in cell for about an hour, finished rising we go to baking at 230° with steam for 8/10 minutes.

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