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Creams and chocolate

White filling creams

White filling spreadable creams.

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Nuppy Bianca Ciok

White spreadable cream, characterized by an intense white chocolate flavor.

Nuppy Bianca

White spreadable cream with delicate milk flavor.

Nuppy Nocciola Bianca

Ivory-colored spreadable cream, characterized by an intense milk and hazelnut flavor.

Nuppy Pistacchio Più

Spreadable cream characterized by an intense pistachio flavor.

Nuppy Pistacchio Labo

Pistachio-flavored spreadable cream with characteristic green color.

Nuppy Limone

Lemon-flavored spreadable cream with characteristic deep yellow color.

Nuppy Cappuccino

Spreadable cream characterized by a pleasant cappuccino flavor.

Nuppy Zabaione

Spreadable cream with zabaglione flavor and characteristic yellow ochre color.


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