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Creams and chocolate


Sipral chocolate is a guarantee of quality and excellence, because of the choice of raw materials and the best cocoa. Chosen by professionals and the best artisans for their creations.

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Brasil 40/42

Dark chocolate in discs. 64% cocoa. Cocoa butter 40/42%.

Brasil 36/38

Dark chocolate in discs. 59% cocoa. Cocoa butter 36/38%.

Brasil 30/32

Dark chocolate in discs. 51% cocoa. Cocoa butter 30/32%.

Brasil Latte 32/34

Milk chocolate in discs. 32% cocoa. Milk 22%.

Ibisco 700

Dark chocolate chips. Cocoa 48%. Cocoa butter 28%.

Ibisco 1100

Dark chocolate chips. Cocoa 48%. Cocoa butter 28%.


Cocoa powder.


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