Food Ingredients Specialist. Since 1953.

Specialists in the production of food ingredients.

Our Mission.

If the world around us is constantly changing then it’s necessary to keep moving, investigating, planning and looking ahead to prepare for tomorrow. o keep growing, we must study trends and come to predict and understand them in order to go along with and anticipate them. To keep moving driven by the innovative force that has been the essence of this company since its inception is the goal.

Our strength: a customer-oriented philosophy.

Customization and uniqueness distinguish the solutions designed for our clients, to be respectful of their history, goals and specific needs without ever sacrificing innovation.
We offer 360-degree support during all phases of the project by providing all our expertise and professionalism.

The origins of Sipral.

The history of SIPRAL began in 1953 when, during the transfer of ownership of Italy's first margarine factory to a foreign multinational, a group of employees set out to create Padana S.p.A.

Corporate growth.

The combination of great ideas and entrepreneurial spirit allowed SIPRAL S.p.A. and the new plant in Bagnolo Cremasco to take shape in 1960. When, shortly thereafter, the two entities merged, SIPRAL PADANA S.p.A. was born.

The Patrini family.

The decisive turning point occurs in the early 1970s and is linked to the Patrini family and in particular to the figure of Emanuele Patrini, who enters the company assuming positions of increasing prominence until he becomes president and director.

Not only margarina.

The 1980s brought a new breath of innovation as production expanded to embrace two new areas: confectionery and baking. The traditional processing of margarine, oils and fats is joined by chocolate and flour (mixes and improvers).

90s and 2000s

In the 1990s, a sudden process of updating involves the company's flows on many fronts, anticipating the evolution of the sector.
During the 2000s, SIPRAL PADANA consolidates itself as a sector reference point for artisans, distributors and industries operating in the confectionery and food field.

Creating value to make a difference.

In 2020, Sipral continues to pursue its mission, which defines corporate goals and objectives and is the benchmark for all actions and decisions: to be inspirers of optimism and happiness.

Innovation, quality and sustainability.

In 2023, Sipral implemented a significant corporate revitalization, investing in new state-of-the-art machinery and redefining its identity. With a strong focus on quality, safety and environmental sustainability, the plant was also modernized, now accompanied by a new laboratory and training academy.

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