Year 1953

Sipral Padana

On the occasion of the transfer of ownership of the first Italian margarine factory to a foreign multinational, a group of employees united their skills, their professionalism and personally putting themselves at stake under the guidance of Giuseppe Albini, they formed PADANA SpA in Gallarate on April 21 1953. The aim of the founders was to continue the processing of vegetable and animal fats for the production of margarine, to be proposed, as an alternative to butter, to industrial and artisan pastry processing. The economic context of that time, which presented a strong expansion of all markets, showed significant growth projections of margarine consumption, the diffusion of which in Italy was still limited compared to northern European countries both in the transformation in the food industry and in consumption.

Years 1960

The growth
of the company

The entrepreneurial spirit of the founders leads to constant company growth. There is therefore a need for new production spaces that concern the greatest demand and for vertical integration with oil processing. SIPRAL S.p.A. and construction of the factory in Bagnolo Cremasco begins.

In 1967 the merger between PADANA and SIPRAL into SIPRAL PADANA S.p.A. all production activities are concentrated in the new factory in Bagnolo Cremasco.

The production develops with an important vertical integration that starts from the importation of oily fruits which includes juices to obtain vegetable oils. These refined and hydrogenated, if necessary, then used in the production of margarine and fats for the confectionery transformation.

Years 1970

The family

In the seventies Emanuele Patrini, already present in the company’s capital, entered the company’s capital with greater prominence and in the following years assumed positions of greater responsibility in the company management until he became President and CEO.

During the middle of the years they established the strong economic changes resulting from tensions in the Middle-Eastern area and the subsequent oil crisis led to a review of the activities carried out in the Sipral Padana which are due to be uneconomical compared to the countries of origin of the oils.

A first restructuring is carried out with the disposal of the fruit and oilseed pressing department.

Starting from 1977 the commitment of the Patrini family increases. Gradually the four children Elena, Fabio, Alberto and Paolo enter a distant part of the company, gradually supervising the administrative, commercial and production area.

Years 1980

Not only

A second major corporate restructuring was carried out in the mid-eighties which led to the concentration of the company activity in the production of margarine and fats by suspending the refining of oils.

At the end of the eighties, taking advantage of the knowledge acquired through the management of a factory for the production of chocolate, the company begin a production of chocolate and spreadable creams cocoa and hazelnut-based creams in a new specially built department.

Years 1990 & 2000


The experience in a company of production and distribution of mixes and improvers for the bakery of the Patrini family and subsequently the acquisition of a company in the sector induces Sipral Padana to insert itself in the production and sale also of these products expanding the range proposed to the sales network.

Year 2015

The relaunch

In 2015 Sipral Padana is pursuing a relaunch project that starting from the restructuring of the line of floured products for bakery has affected the entire company. This project, after defining the first developments of floured products, has continued with a more dynamic approach to communication, has led to the revision of the brand and has continued with the renewal of the various product lines. And it is still evolving thanks to the inclusion of resources in the development and testing area of our products supported by proposals and returns expressed by the sales force

In April 2016, the need for some important confectionery producers to replace palm oil in their production led to a major upheaval in our main operating sector. The ability to quickly grasp this need of the confectionery industry has allowed us to reach new and important customers with a solution that offers a significant technological and organoleptic improvement.

Still today the Patrini Family owns the main part of SIPRAL PADANA S.p.A. and represents its soul, in the wake of Emanuele’s precious legacy, from an entrepreneurial and, above all, personal point of view.