Sipral produces semi-finished and finished products for artisanal and industrial pastry and bakery operators: margarines and oils, mixed flours, chocolate and surrogates.
Our mission is to be the reference partner for operators in the sector who are looking for the best aspects of the Italian industrial tradition: we are a family company that still puts personal relationships at the center every day.

The lab

The recently upgraded Sipral laboratory in its various functions makes it an important element to guarantee the customer impeccable service: starting with the selection of raw materials, moving on to the study of recipes and then to production and development tests. Thanks to our technicians is also possible for our customers to collaborate to improve the yield of our products.


The dimensional structure and the directional style that distinguish Sipral allow us to promptly serve industrial and artisanal customers and reply competently to their needs.
The experience gained over the years has allowed Sipral to expand the range of products offered in:

Margarines and oils
Sipral produces margarines and oils from the beginning, products for which it is recognized and appreciated on the market. Since 1999 it is also the only company producing organic margarine in Italy.

Chocolate and Compound chocolate
After acquiring the necessary know-how thanks to the collaboration with a specialized company, Sipral has expanded the range of products offered: chocolate, substitute of chocolate and spreadable creams.
Mixed flour products
The production of mixed flours for bakery and pastry is the field in which Sipral is currently making the greatest investments, to offer customers an even wider range of products, capable to of satisfy the most varied needs.

The quality

Sipral guarantees the quality of its products and processes thanks to a precise supervision of the Quality Assurance Service. Other testimonials of the quality offered, we have obtained various certifications, including those for conventional margarine and organic margarine.

Customer assistance

In order to have an ever greater attention to the customer, Sipral is making significant investments to strengthen its commercial structure. And in particular, we offer our customer an after-sales service that also includes dialogue with our laboratory technicians directly in our office.

The brand

Sipral is also investing considerable resources in communication, through an ambitious rebranding project aimed at making the most of our identity and the value of our proposals. We started by changing the Naming from “Sipral Padana” to “Sipral 1953” to avoid any territorial references and represent the effective presence of Sipral on the whole national territory. 1953 is the year of its foundation and was added to strengthen the values of our history and tradition. To facilitate recognition for distributors and customers, we are also redesigning the brand architecture, basing all the brands of families, lines and products on the common denominator ‘Sipral1953’.